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Prasser's Motorcycle Training is a Q-Ride Approved Service and if you’re ready to jump onto two wheels, give Mark a call from Prasser's Motorcycle Training and ask about the Q-Ride course that is right for you.

Once you have completed the Q-Ride course and obtained your Department of Transport’s certificate of competency, you take this certificate of competency to the Department of Transport, to obtain your motorcycle licence at no extra cost, or you can do it online.

Mark has been riding motorbikes for 35 years. He has a passion for being a safe rider and wants to pass this knowledge onto you. Whether you are out to obtain your RE Learner licence, your RE or your R, Mark can take you through all the Q-Ride training lessons.

If you have never ridden a bike in your life, but want to give it a go, we also offer one-on-one lessons to help you gain some confidence. This can also be beneficial if you are after obtaining your RE licence.

 Riding motorbikes can become an absolute obsession, so get ready to be overtaken by the passion for being a committed and safe rider and learning to ride for life. There is nothing like the open road; riding for me is really like a medication that I need to take everyday. There is nothing like it! "
Mark Prasser

Prasser's Motorcycle Training operates under an agreement with Ian Watson’s Driver Training Centre, RSP #120W0902, to provide Q-Ride.



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Providing training for Ian Watson's Driver Training Centre
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